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When was the "battle" of aluminum alloy cables?

Update Time:2018-10-09

First, the aluminum alloy cable market is not flat in the world

China Radio International International published an article "Foreign PK made in China, the competition in the aluminum alloy cable market is becoming hotter!", which broke out the main competitors of Tianjin Alcan, which is considered to be in the spoiler, Anhui Xinyi, Jiangsu Changfeng, Hebei Jiajia The analysis of Wing Lun’s Achilles heel was accused of being too harsh. On this side, Tianjin Jialu, as the current or former boss of the domestic aluminum alloy cable industry, seems to have a complete set of market competition means and tools. Its analysis and attack on competitors often make competitors breathless. .

Say goodbye, allegedly reported that the renovation was faked, the production line was knocked and beaten, and the cable was not produced but was repaired. The so-called "high-iron rare earth" was not a new invention. It was the invention of the academician Huang Chongzhen of the Shanghai Cable Institute in the 1980s and 1990s. He said that Changfeng has equipment and no technology. The chemical composition and tensile strength of the aluminum alloy materials are unqualified, and the high electric conductivity is also discussed. Even its gossip news has been dug up; said Jia Yilun, from the trademark imitation, the case of stealing the dragon to the phoenix, the aluminum rod posing as an aluminum alloy rod, parameter plagiarism and so on.

On the other side, some people turned out the development of Tianjin Alcan, saying that Tianjin Alcoa mainly hired domestic experts to help plan in the initial stage of construction. The production technology relied on hiring several people who were once the Canadian Aluminum Company to guide, but ultimately Due to its lack of technical development capabilities, product technology cannot keep up with market requirements. At the same time, an example was given to demonstrate that the AC90 (referred to as low-smoke and halogen-free) products in Tianjin during the import period of aluminum and aluminum in 2008 was tested as ZA3 (the last level of quasi-safety), and it is still weak. improve. Take the compression creep report MTJC2012-0005, Tianjin Alcan has no advantage to talk about, the report shows that the "Shide" 8030 aluminum alloy conductivity is only 60.5% IACS (20 degrees DC resistivity 0.028843), while ATSM B800 05 ( R2011) and national standard require 61% IACS (20 degree DC resistivity 0.028264) or more. It is not difficult to see that the value presented in the report has determined that the conductor material produced by Tianjin Jia Aluminum in China is unqualified.

Another media report (source article "Academician's appeal: four facts that aluminum alloy cables must be clarified"), "A well-known aluminum alloy cable company in Tianjin needs to send a test of competitor samples when it is needed, and it is not good intentions. The inspector, suspected of taking the opportunity to change the test sample of the competitor or to test the sample, causing the competitor to lose the opportunity of fair competition, such a bad behavior seems to have become the normal market competition in the enterprise, but it has become this The bad character can never erase the moral stains. This bad enterprise has lost the basic moral character and ethics that a normal enterprise should have. Many unscrupulous people must be self-sufficient. This kind of bad enterprise that damages the healthy development of the industry will eventually be the industry. And the majority of users with positive energy abandoned." In the article "A famous aluminum alloy cable company in Tianjin" and Tianjin Jia Aluminum is related?

In addition, the industry's evaluation of Tianjin Jialu is widely circulated: "In the founding period of Tianjin Alcan, under the leadership of the marketing director Lu X, the practitioners have a strong career, market management is orderly, and dealers are also highly loyal. Tianjin Alcan and dealers are full of vigor and vitality, and they are full of ups and downs, which promotes the healthy development of Tianjin's aluminum industry. Tan XX, Ma Jia of Tianjin X era began to change taste, corporate retreat, unintentional technological progress, market Management indulgence, practitioners' private desires, completely ignore the company's healthy development. Strive for their own dealers' projects, damage the interests of dealers, and even deceive the uninformed, uninformed dealers to implement "stealing files" to harm users, not to The problem is unfortunate, and if there are problems such as safety, it will eventually be the dealer’s black pot. So all kinds of dealers have lost confidence in Tianjin Alcan, and they have chosen to leave. As a result, Tianjin Alcoa lost its leader in the industry. Image.” Does Tianjin Cas, Ma X and others leave Tianjin Aluminum, will this situation continue? How should the road go? Don't you need to seriously reflect and summarize?

The market for aluminum alloy cables has not yet ushered in a big development, and it has not yet matured. Tianjin Alcan has taken the lead in the aluminum alloy cable industry to start a big fight. Is it afraid of competition or what is the reason? The outside world must first be settled, and the industry still needs to unite and work together to make the market bigger. People of insight published an article "Aluminum and gold cable companies should jump out of the right and wrong, and develop the group", pointing out that "Tianjin Al-Aluminium in the whirlpool of controversy should also blame its own technology and product capabilities when accusing him of his crimes." Counting it over and over again, dispelling misunderstandings of others. In short, the development of China's aluminum alloy cable industry requires the perseverance of “Qi Li Jian Jin” and the integration mentality of “building a group.” The US General Cable is gone, Tianjin Alcan is still Continue to develop, China's aluminum alloy cable industry will not be complacent because of the lack of a competitor. China's aluminum alloy cable industry has a long road, industry companies need to share."

All kinds of evaluations in the industry are good, sincere criticism, the intention is undoubtedly the hope of healthy development of the industry. The companies involved in the industry believe that they will also reflect on how to adjust to the direction of health, rather than complaining about the virtues, going further and further. If there are deficiencies, they must be improved. With the courage to summarize and improve, enterprises can go further. In particular, some of the leading companies in the past need to seriously review the history they have gone through.

Second, the construction of the plant under the circle of re-injection, what is the frequency satellite?

In the sixth issue of 2014, "Wire and Cable" published by the Shanghai Cable Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Dr. Huang Chongxi, "To clarify the right and wrong with the aluminum section of copper", it is reported that a company has invested in several regions to produce rare earth high-speed rail in several regions. The factory of aluminum alloy cables has invested a total of several billion yuan. After several years, the output value of each new enterprise will reach 10 billion."

The article further pointed out: "Now the cable industry has set off a crazy investment in aluminum alloy inside and outside, some say there are 100, there are 200 said, there are many different opinions. Now the cable industry is most worried about overcapacity and how to guarantee the quality of aluminum alloy cable products, Don't overwhelm this emerging market. Now there are aluminum cables sold as aluminum alloy cables to get high profits. It is worthy of caution!"

In China, even the largest cable factory, the annual output value of multi-variety products is only 10 billion. In a few years, the annual output value of aluminum alloy cables in each factory should reach 10 billion yuan, which can only deceive uninformed investment. Only this aluminum alloy cable product can achieve such a high output value, it is a fantasy.

The same doubts were raised in the article “The Truths of 13 Misleading Aluminum Alloy Cables Misleading” by Zhongjin Online. Miles of land, thousands of acres to build factories, 10 billion capacity. So "the whole country has built factories, has a large number of production bases, and the annual production capacity has reached tens of billions. This even exceeds some old domestic copper cable leading enterprises, but the actual annual sales are not enough for the publicity. This makes people wonder. Are companies engaged in enclosure movements, seeking capital operations, and obtaining speculative behavior for short-term benefits?

Third, UMI is the first to introduce special terminals for aluminum alloy cables. Will the industry and terminal manufacturers be a military?

On September 12, 2014, after two years of technical research and development, UMI Electric Company of the United States made a major breakthrough in the connection technology of aluminum alloy cables, successfully developed special terminals for aluminum alloy cables, and used copper-aluminum transitional connection terminals as a transitional method. History is completely over. The China News published an article entitled "UMI took the lead in the development of aluminum alloy copper connecting terminals, completely solving the four major problems of aluminum alloy cable applications", and introduced this major technological breakthrough in a large space. The advent of aluminum alloy copper connecting terminals is like throwing a blockbuster bomb on a calm lake, causing waves and waves, causing great vibration in the aluminum alloy cable industry. At present, neither the aluminum alloy cable manufacturer nor the professional terminal manufacturer in the industry has the special aluminum alloy cable terminal corresponding to the aluminum alloy cable, which is tantamount to the aluminum alloy cable industry and the supporting terminal manufacturer. military. However, many manufacturers have recently developed aluminum alloy terminals with the same performance as aluminum alloy cables, in order to catch up with UMI's leading edge in connection terminal technology and become a complete technical product solution provider for the aluminum alloy cable industry.

Fourth, the miscellaneous brand manufacturers debut, ultra-low price impact market

On the stage of the aluminum alloy cable, there are of course the protagonists also have supporting roles, and there are of course safflowers with green leaves; these green leaves are some unscrupulous shell companies and some non-professional aluminum alloy cable manufacturers, people plagiarizing, plagiarism, trying to be low If the price of the unqualified product hits the market, it will take a trip. There is an article on the Internet, "Why is the high price always defeating the low price?" The low price in the market usually only plays the role of "spoiler", and the lack of success is more than enough. In confrontational competition, high prices are often distracted by low prices and even frightened, but low prices are always difficult to compete with high prices, even in the face of high prices, consumers' purchases will ultimately be based on their recognition of product quality. Above. Of course, we can't reason from this that the higher the price, the better, but the balance between price and marketing costs. Because the higher the price, the more you need to invest more to protect the price.

For example, an article published by the World Wide Web "Low-cost aluminum alloy cable impacts the market, quality and safety concerns" pointed out that the current "aluminum alloy cable heat" has led many manufacturers to rush, low-priced products, counterfeit and shoddy products. Some network companies pretend to be aluminum alloy cable manufacturers, the website is beautiful, there is no manufacturing factory at all; some are shameless and claim to be the national standard for aluminum alloy cable; some publicity materials completely copy the explanations of competitors, and the effect is It was simply ridiculous and generous; others were found to be unqualified by their own products, and the samples sent for inspection were actually competitors' products, and all of them were different.

Aluminum alloy cables have passed the extraordinary 2014 in the smoke. Whether it is the big movements, the relatives, or the small ones, the general promotion of the aluminum alloy cable in the excitement Market development. Everything always has its laws of development, and there is progress in comparison. The aluminum alloy cable industry is slowly developing in such a contradiction.

Source: http://xiaofei.china.com.cn/news/info-52-9-92107.html


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