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"Aluminum alloy power cable" national standard will be released before August this year

Update Time:2018-10-09

Nanfang Daily News (Reporter / He Huan Special Correspondent / Huang Jikun) Recently, the national standard "Aluminum Alloy Power Cable" series of national standards submitted by the National Electricity Enterprise Association Standardization Center was held in Qingyuan. The conference attracted more than 20 experts from power companies from all over the country to come and discuss, and reviewed and approved the "Aluminum Alloy Power Cable" series of national standards for review. It is reported that the national standard will be introduced before August this year.

According to reports, aluminum alloy power cable is a technology power cable, with a new aluminum alloy material as a conductor, flame retardant silane cross-linked polyethylene as insulation, plus its unique self-locking structure, with low smoke, no halogen, resistance The advantages of refractory, safe and stable, economical, easy to install, energy-saving and environmentally friendly have broken through the technical problems of “aluminum-based copper” that has not been broken for many years in China.

Fortunately, Guangdong Xinyi Aluminum Alloy Cable Co., Ltd., which was settled in the Qingxin District, was the only editor-in-chief of the Guangdong region. The relevant person in charge of the company said that the introduction of this national standard will have positive significance for promoting the upgrading of science and technology products of power companies in the Qingxin District and even the whole country, as well as the research and development and promotion of enterprises themselves, as well as improving the competitiveness of enterprises in the national market.

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