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    • Release time:2018-10-10
    • Nature of the work:full time
    • Job Categories:Cable technology
    • Salary:5000-10000 yuan
    • Working years:3~5 years
    • Education:Unlimited
    • Treatment:Five insurance and one gold
    • Number of people:1 person
    • Work place:Xihu District, Hangzhou

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    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the overall management of quality, schedule and safety;

    2. Responsible for the implementation of construction organization design, major construction plans, construction plans, and safety production management methods;

    3. Responsible for the technical guidance of the construction site and timely handling construction technical problems;

    4. To preside over the collection, collation and compilation of various technical materials and technical documents, and organize the preparation of the completion documents and technical summaries of the project;

    5. Participate in the completion acceptance and transfer of property rights;

    6, have experienced, project management experience is preferred.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Professional technical titles above the intermediate level and more than 3 years working experience in relevant positions;

    2. Familiar with relevant national construction policies and norms, understand relevant construction standards, be independent of the technical and management work of engineering construction, and have rich experience in engineering project design and construction management;

    3, have good quality and professional ethics, work initiative, strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit;

    4, good health, no bad diseases;

    5. Salary treatment is negotiable.

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