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The power industry set off a smart revolution. The smart cable market is coming.

Update Time:2018-10-09

[Cable Network News] Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration proposed to build a smart grid system that is safe, reliable, open, compatible, two-way interactive, efficient and economical, clean and environmentally friendly by 2020, and will be followed by the smart cable market. spring.

Before and after 2020, during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, China will build and improve a smart grid on a large scale, and will build a network project between Fujian and Taiwan. With the increasing application of cables and the increase in power supply reliability requirements of smart grids, cable faults have occurred, and new and more intelligent cable detection technologies are urgently needed. The state diagnosis and evaluation of the cable is an important technical means to reasonably arrange the cable replacement and ensure the safe and reliable power supply. It is also an extremely important part of the effective management of the cable in the smart grid.

The purpose of building a strong smart grid in China is to ensure the safety and reliability of the grid, making it more convenient and safer for people to use. This requires more reliable grid-related equipment and measures to reduce cable failures. It is to use qualified cables, set up safe cable passages and lay them out according to regulations, and regularly check and evaluate the status.

At present, some fiber optic cables are laid in the ultra-high voltage cable. The fiber optic cable can be used to detect its partial discharge and detect its temperature, which is equivalent to a certain perception. These are smart cables. Power supply in double-loop networks in large cities, space corridors are becoming increasingly narrow, and underground cable rates in urban areas are increasing, which has brought great demand for cables. The maintenance-free requirements of the cable and the life of the insulation withstand voltage are also concerned, and higher requirements are placed on the insulation medium, performance index and brand reputation of the distribution cable.

Cable companies have seen the business opportunities brought by smart cables and want to make gold in the field of smart cables. The construction of smart grid will lead to a comprehensive transformation of power equipment: transformers should be more intelligent, switchgear should be fed back at any time, relay protection devices should be integrated with primary equipment, and cables must be smart. The requirements of the smart grid for the line have self-diagnosis and self-recovery functions, which require cable companies to innovate and produce “smart cables”. For ordinary cable products, it is necessary to develop some self-diagnostic cable products through innovative driving.

Driven by the construction of smart grids, the face of the cable industry is changing. Preparing ample smart cable companies will surely meet the arrival of the era of power intelligence in a more calm manner.

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